What factors can affect the life of a mould?

Any object has a certain service life, and injection moulds are no exception. The life of an injection mould is one of the important indicators to evaluate the quality of a set of injection moulds, which are affected by a variety of factors, and only with a complete understanding of them can we produce moulds that last longer. Factors affecting the life of injection moulds are as follows.


1- Mould structure design

If the structure of a mould is reasonably designed, then it can effectively reduce the load-bearing capacity of each part of the mould. When the load-bearing capacity is reduced, the possibility of fatigue reaction in each part of the mould will be reduced, thus extending the service life of the mould.

2-Mould material

The choice of mould material has a certain influence on its use. If you choose a high performance material with a strong bearing capacity and a long service life,  accordingly the life of a mould will become longer.

Control panel mold (1)

3- Manufacturing and processing technology

In the whole process, each part of the processing link will have a certain impact on its wear resistance.If the mould surface is rough or in the heat treatment and other aspects of the problem, then its life will be shortened. Therefore, improving the manufacturing process is also a good way to effectively extend the life of a mould.

4-The use of moulds

The life of a mould can have a significant impact on the use of the mould, the use of the process if the mould temperature capacity, temperature and the number of data problems, etc., will cause damage to the mould, causing its service life to shorten, so in the using process need to be accurate control of the data of the various parts, to avoid the use of the mould caused by aging.In addition,it’s also necessary to maintain the mould in ordinary times, to ensure the use and do a good job of mould cleaning, lubrication and other work, so as to effectively extend the service life.


Understand these factors affecting the life of the mould, in order to daily manufacturing production, to achieve more excellence in the effect of producing a longer service life of the mould.

Post time: Nov-23-2022


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