What are the applications of TPE materials?

TPE material is a composite elastomeric material modified with SEBS or SBS as the basic material. Its appearance is white, translucent or transparent round or cut granular particles with a density range of 0.88 to 1.5 g/cm3. It has excellent ageing resistance, wear resistance and low temperature resistance, with a hardness range of Shore 0-100A and a large scope for adjustment. It is a new type of rubber and plastic material to replace PVC, which is not environmental friendly. TPE soft rubber can be moulded by injection, extrusion, blow moulding and other processing methods, and is used in some rubber gaskets, seals and spare parts. The following is the introduction of TPE material in the application .


1-Daily necessities series use.

Because TPE thermoplastic elastomer has good weathering and aging resistance, good softness and high tensile strength, and a wide range of temperature and hardness. Therefore, it is widely used in daily life products. Such as toothbrush handles, folding basins, kitchenware handles, non-slip hangers, mosquito repellent bracelets, heat-insulating placemats, telescopic water pipes, door and window sealing strips, etc.

2-Automobile accessories use.

In recent years, automobiles have developed in the direction of lightness and good safety performance. The United States and other developed countries have used TPE in large quantities in the automotive manufacturing industry, such as automotive seals, instrument panels, steering wheel protection layer, ventilation and heat pipes, etc. Compared with polyurethane and polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer, TPE has more advantages in terms of performance and total production cost.


3-Electronic accessories uses.

Mobile phone data cable, headphone cable, plugs are beginning to use TPE thermoplastic elastomer, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with excellent resilience and tensile tear performance, can be customized for soft and smooth non-stick feel, frosted or delicate surface, physical adjustment of a wide range of properties.

4-Food contact grade use.

Because TPE material has good air tightness and can be autoclaved, it is non-toxic and meets the food contact grade standard, it is suitable for making children’s tableware, waterproof bibs, meal spoon handles covered with rubber, kitchen utensils, folding draining baskets, folding bins and so on.


TPE is not only used for these purposes, but also as an accessory in many areas. However, it plays a vital role in the whole range of plastic products. The main reason is that TPE is a modified material and its physical parameters can be changed according to different products and different application scenarios.

Post time: Nov-30-2022


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